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       主要产品有位置显示器、位置指示表、带表手轮、手轮、转动手柄、可折手柄、可调手柄、方型拉手、椭圆拉手、手柄球、手柄套、六角把手、七星把手、扣式塞头、铰链等。 “SANKQ”产品销往中国、欧洲、美洲、东南亚国家等。

      "SANKQ" is a specialized manufacturer in dealing withmiddle and high quality machine accessories since 1997. Our company provides a comprehensive range of products which widely applied in woodworking machine,printing machine, packaging machine, foodmachine, glass machine, shaping machine, tube machine, press sheet metal working machine, textile machine,electrombile, medical instruments, fitness equipment and machine tool.

       Our supply involves position indicators, position gauges, handwheels with position gauge, handwheels,revolving handles, fold-down handles, adjustable handles, pull handles, spherical knobs, long knobs, lobeknobs, star knobs, buckle type plug and hinge, etc.

       Our products have been sold to the areas of China, European countries, American countries, South-East Asian countries and so on.